Tego, Inc.

The Challenge

Tego came to Scratch with a unique challenge. Its solution was well-established in specific industries; the company had literally written the Air Transport Association’s standard for automated identification and data capture on flyable parts. But Tego needed to diversify. The technology had a strong role to play in new vertical markets, but the message was not sticking.

The Solution + Results

Scratch re-branded Tego as a Smart Asset company: Designing a new website from the ground up, re-vamping the messaging platform and delivering a go-to-market strategy to capitalize on a more diversifed set of commercial opportunities.


The effort jumped visibility among targeted audience of 5.75 Million online readers. Won several high-leverage speaking engagements and built Analyst Relations program from the ground up, gaining mindshare with influencers at Gartner, Forrester, ARC Advisory Group and IDC. In addition, Scratch also initiated social engagement program on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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