What It Means to Be an Exceptional Co-Pilot: Q1 Roger Murdock Awards

Scratch highlights individual team members for quarterly performance awards.

At Scratch, part of our mission is to help clients soar. In order to first take flight, however, we need a trusted team of pilots. That’s why we refer to every Scratcher as a co-pilot. We couldn’t achieve our mission to fly without them! 

Scratch is committed to recognizing employee accomplishments, especially those that take co-piloting to a new level. By accomplishments, we mean performance above and beyond normal job responsibilities that result in creativity, increased nimbleness, improved systems, less re-work, and a greater level of client service. 

Every quarter, employees may be nominated by fellow team members to receive a Roger Murdock Award. Why is it called the Roger Murdock Award? Obviously it is named after the greatest co-pilot of all time: none other than Roger Murdock, the co-pilot played by Kareem Abdul Jabbar in the 1980 motion picture, Airplane! “Roger, Roger.”

At the end of Q1, Scratch was excited to recognize four individuals who stood out for their excellent performance both internally and on our client partners’ behalf. While this decision wasn’t easy, we are happy to extend a well-deserved congratulations and recognition to our four winners.


Gold: Yavor Trampov

Yavor is Scratch’s hard-working Programming Department Manager. When we say hard working, we don’t say it lightly! Yavor is committed to driving the web development and programming needs for our clients. While he may have a lot on his plate balancing numerous creative projects, he always goes above and beyond the expected. No one would guess that Yavor is working from Europe, because of his commitment to communicating in real time to his teammates and clients. Upon receiving his award, the Scratch team joked about how Yavor has not taken a single weekend off in the past year. Yavor’s response? “I took two!” We’ll let that speak for itself.    


Silver: Robert Kerstens and Patrick Deren

Rob and Pat have both proven to be amazing members of the Scratch team. Both have dedicated their time and effort to projects and have supported their team members along the way. While their roles are different, we simply couldn’t choose a winner between the two because both Pat and Rob are equally deserving. 

Rob was awarded for his excellence as a Senior Account Executive in both content and PR. He’s been with Scratch for less than a year and has already performed beyond expectations. Known for his advanced writing skills and creativity, Rob never fails to deliver thoughtful expertise to both his clients and his co-workers.

Pat was awarded for his exemplary work as an Account Manager at Scratch. Recently promoted, he was quick to demonstrate strong leadership and management across all accounts. Always taking responsibility and ownership of his work, Pat’s dedication to honing his marketing skills and building his expertise goes beyond the normal standards. Not to mention, he always keeps the team laughing. 


Bronze: Victoria Thorpe   

Vic is a Senior Marketing Associate and has been at Scratch for over two years! She started as an intern her junior year of college, and after interning for a year and a half we just couldn’t let her go (and luckily for us, she wanted to stay). During her time at Scratch, her dedication and eagerness to learn has constantly amazed the team. Her skills are truly unparalleled. Vic was ultimately presented with this award for continuously going above and beyond what is expected of her, and proving to be a young leader on the Digital Marketing team. Needless to say, we can’t wait to see what else Vic accomplishes! 


This Quarter’s Winners Have Added Value to Scratch and Client Partners 

Congratulations and thank you Yavor, Rob, Pat, and Vic for your outstanding performance on the Scratch Team and truly taking CO-PILOTing to the next level! 

Together these four have added value to Scratch, but more important, to Scratch’s client partners. We measure our own success through the growth and achievements that we see in them. 

Without a doubt, these four co-pilots are consistently making us grateful, our clients happy, and let’s also assume they’re making Roger Murdock proud.

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