2017 State of Account-Based Marketing Survey

2017 State of Account-Based Marketing Survey from Scratch Marketing + Media and demandDrive

Scratch Marketing + Media, along with our friends at demandDrive, are pleased to announce that our joint 2017 State of Account-Based Marketing Survey is now collecting responses. We’re soliciting input from the sales and marketing organizations in B2B companies of all shapes and sizes.

Are you already into account-based marketing? Is ABM on your radar yet? Do you plan to invest in ABM in 2017? Whether ABM is something your company is already engaged in, something you’re seriously investigating, or something that you’ve considered and dismissed, we want to know your perspective.

The impetus toward ABM is clear:

  • The named accounts strategy (concentrating sales and marketing efforts on targeted accounts) is a time-tested concept that endures.
  • Fewer than one percent of all leads gathered through traditional lead generation efforts convert to sales. (Forrester)
  • Close to 50 percent of B2B marketers want to measure pipeline velocity and revenue as the key metrics. (FlipMyFunnel)
  • Buying committees within companies are expanding, with a broader range of roles having greater input on purchasing recommendations. (business.linkedin.com)

When we set these conditions against the backdrop of digital transformation towards an application-centric business world — one that we know particularly well here at Scratch MM — it’s easy to understand the explosion of technology solutions that support the different components of an ABM strategy: account selection, including account segmentation and augmentation; target engagement, including content and channel mix; outreach, including content personalization and multi-channel orchestration; and measurement and analytics. These tools put unprecedented power in the hands of sales and marketing professionals to reach individual members of key accounts with the right content at the right time. The B2B business world is suiting up to ride the monster wave that is ABM.

To continue the slightly awkward surfing analogy, some find themselves already in the barrel, others are looking to drop in, while many more remain on the beach… waxing their boards. Where are you?

Please take 10 minutes to complete the ABM survey. Once our report is ready in the latter part of February, we’ll share it with all who complete the survey before we offer it to the public. You’ll get an early look at how your company compares to other B2B organizations. And we’ll also enter anyone who completes the survey in our drawing for one of five Amazon gift cards.

Please click here to participate! See you in the surf!

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