Roger Murdock Awards: Remarkable Co-Pilots of Q2 2022

Q2 was a fantastic quarter. Scratch’s co-pilots tackled all challenges thrown their way. The entire team continued to pursue creative strategies and brainstorm brilliant solutions, producing fantastic results for our clients.


Though we can only honor so many co-pilots in the Roger Murdock awards, all of Scratch’s co-pilots are absolutely exceptional and deserve recognition. Thank you to all of the Scratchers for continuing the extraordinary work! 


Before we get into the awards, here’s a brief recap of the story behind the Roger Murdock Awards:


Named after the greatest co-pilot of all time from the 1980 motion picture Airplane! (“Roger, Roger”), these awards recognize Scratch’s co-pilots for going above and beyond normal standards — including outstanding performance across both client work and internal Scratch projects. 



We have faced the same dilemma as the past few quarters — it’s been too difficult to choose only three co-pilots, so we are very excited to share that five co-pilots have been recognized as Roger Murdock Award winners!  


Congratulations to our Q2 winners Lindsay, Caroline, Rachel, Brooke, and Nicole!


Nicole Panas | Senior Director of Marketing & Demand Generation

Nicole is a marketing rockstar! She has made a huge impact across the multiple projects she manages — not to mention her fantastic positive energy she brings to the team! She adds so much value to the team and we could not be more appreciative! 


Rachel Tierney | Senior Account Manager

Rachel is always ready to pitch in and help. She is not only not afraid to try new things, she’s also willing to offer advice on any clients — even those she’s not on! Thanks Rachel for going above and beyond on your clients’ needs. 


Brooke Hanson | Graphic Designer

Brooke has killed it this quarter! She is extremely hardworking, driven, and positive. She has done some amazing work for our clients this quarter, and has created some outstanding and beautiful images that clients have admired and very much appreciated. Go Brooke!


Lindsay Kerr | Senior Graphic Designer

Lindsay is always willing to take on extra projects and help out her team members, and she does it with a positive, enthusiastic attitude. She is a valued leader on the team and gets deliverables completed at a speedy pace, and with incredible response from clients. Thanks for all of your hard work, Lindsay!


Caroline Statile | Senior Account Manager

Caroline has your back no matter what. She is a mentor to many of the PR team members, and has had such a big impact at Scratch. She goes above and beyond to ensure the team is supported. Congratulations, Caroline!


Thank you to all our Q2 winners for never failing to go above and beyond to help Scratch and our clients reach new heights. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we measure our own success through the growth and achievements that we see in them.


Congratulations to the well-deserved award winners — we look forward to all that your futures hold!

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