Roger Murdock Awards: Exceptional Co-Pilots of Q4

Scratch highlights individual team members for quarterly performance awards.

2020 was a year full of constant pivots and challenges that required adaptability and an open mind to approach. At Scratch, we couldn’t be more grateful to have members on our team who never cower in the face of challenges, but instead rise up. Looking back on Q4, we’ve collectively chosen our Roger Murdock Award recipients for the quarter. Before announcing the Q4 winners, here’s a brief recap of what Scratch’s Roger Murdock Awards mean:

Named after the greatest co-pilot of all time from the 1980 motion picture Airplane! (“Roger, Roger”), these awards recognize Scratch’s employees (“co-pilots”) for going above and beyond normal standards—including exceptional performance across both client work and internal Scratch projects. 

Our winners this quarter are three individuals that stand out for their remarkable work, thoughtfulness in all they do, and consistent drive to go the extra mile. 

Let’s hear it for our Q4 winners… drumroll please… Melinda, Maria, and Kendall!


Gold: Melinda Babin, SVP, Marketing Practice Lead

Melinda is a newer member of our team, and took almost no time to impress us all with how quickly she got up to speed with Scratch’s fast-paced environment and her various accounts. She embodies dedication to both our clients and the agency. Melinda is constantly engaged and brings brilliant insights, strategies, thought-provoking questions, and feedback to the table for marketing programs and campaigns. Her creative thinking and hard work does not go unnoticed, and we can’t seem to remember what we did without her! We’re excited to see the magic she’ll continue to bring to the marketing practice at Scratch.


Silver: Maria Bruk, Senior Account Director 

Maria’s project management and leadership skills are on a whole new level—it’s like details are written into her DNA. She never misses a thing (no matter how small) and is always crystal clear about deliverables, strategies, and results, guaranteeing a recipe for success. In addition to delivering excellent work, it’s evident how much Maria cares for her team members on a personal level. She takes the extra time to check in with everyone—something we all appreciate and value immensely. 


Bronze: Kendall Hatch, Senior Content Strategist  

Kendall is an all-around phenomenal team player, so much so that this is his second time winning a Roger Murdock Award! (Go Kendall!) Whenever someone needs a hand, he’s there to step in and help out. His writing skills, quick thinking, and reliability are unparalleled. Kendall makes delivering exceptional content look effortless, and we’re so grateful for his diligence and versatile talent. 


These Co-Pilots Are Helping Scratch Fly and Client Partners Soar 

Thank you Melinda, Maria, and Kendall for never failing to go above and beyond to help Scratch and our clients reach new heights. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we measure our own success through the growth and achievements that we see in them. 

Congratulations to the well-deserved award winners—we look forward to all that your futures hold! 

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