Roger Murdock Awards: Exceptional Co-Pilots of Q3

Scratch highlights individual team members for quarterly performance awards.

As Q3 comes to an end, it’s that time again to announce our Roger Murdock award winners for the quarter! Before announcing the Q3 winners, here’s a brief recap of what Scratch’s Roger Murdock Awards mean:

Named after the greatest co-pilot of all time from the 1980 motion picture Airplane! (“Roger, Roger”), these awards recognize Scratch’s employees (“co-pilots”) for going above and beyond normal standards—including exceptional performance across both client work and internal Scratch projects. 

The decision is never easy with so many hard-working individuals that consistently go above and beyond, but for this quarter we’re recognizing eight individuals who particularly stood out for their hard work. Without further ado, we’re extending a warm congratulations to Anya, Kendall, Susan, Michael, Kara, Lindsay, Amelia, and Ivan!


Gold: Anya Nelson, VP Public Relations

Anya Nelson is a leader in every sense of the word. We’re so appreciative of her role as our VP of Public Relations. Not only does she manage a remarkable number of PR accounts and campaigns, she always achieves tremendous results on them as well. Her dedication to our clients and hard work has helped us bring the PR practice for the company to a whole new level. Anya is always there to support us all when we need her and is an absolute joy to work with. She is a vital component of Scratch’s PR team and all of our work. 


Silver: Kendall Hatch, Sr. Content Writer & Susan Oblak, Marketing & Strategy Consultant 

While Kendall and Susan may have two different roles, they are both instrumental to the company’s success. We can always rely on them to deliver high-quality work in a timely, efficient manner. On top of being incredibly bright individuals that are wonderful to work with, the quality of their content is unparalleled. They are willing to tackle any project that comes their way and always lend a helping hand to all of us when we need their advice. Their thoughtfulness, selflessness and determination does not go unnoticed, and we are so glad to have them as part of our team. 


Bronze: Michael Jacobs, Creative Director, Kara Mongell, Sr. Graphic Designer, Lindsay Kerr, Jr. Graphic Designer, Amelia Oon, Graphic Designer, & Ivan Sidzhakov, Creative Director 

The entire design team has constantly risen above our expectations at Scratch, and due to this, we felt each and every one of them deserved this award. Every member of the design team is a critical part of all of our work for Scratch and its clients. Their can-do mindset is inspiring, especially considering the number of projects they are constantly juggling. No matter the task, we can always count on design to take it on, get it done, and do it well. 

The team has a great attitude, and no matter what’s going on, they are positive and full of energy. Even with deadlines and objectives switching around constantly, they never fail to deliver. Our design team’s commitment to Scratch and our clients is evident, as they always go the extra mile. Their creativity and ability to help us all think outside the box has been crucial to our client work. 


These Co-Pilots Are Helping Scratch Fly and Client Partners Soar 

Thank you Anya, Kendall, Susan, Michael, Kara, Lindsay, Amelia, and Ivan for exceeding expectations and helping Scratch and its clients reach new heights. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we measure our own success through the growth and achievements that we see in them. 

Congratulations to the well-deserved award winners—we can’t wait to see what you do next!

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