Roger Murdock Awards: Exceptional Co-Pilots of Q1 2022

Our Scratch co-pilots fly high when taking on challenges. This past quarter, our co-pilots overcame obstacles with skill, passion, and fellowship. Every challenge was accomplished with determination and integrity, and a few of our co-pilots flew higher than most, soaring above all expectations and encompassing what it means to be a team-playing Scratch co-pilot.


Before announcing the Q1 winners, here’s a reminder of what Scratch’s Roger Murdock Awards mean:

Named after the greatest co-pilot of all time from the 1980 motion picture Airplane! (“Roger, Roger”), these awards recognize Scratch’s employees (“co-pilots”) for going above and beyond what’s normally expected—including outstanding performances across both client work and internal Scratch projects.



Our co-pilots continually soar to new heights, and in order to express our gratitude, we are excited to announce our gold, silver, and bronze winners. We’re also introducing our first ever contractor appreciation award along with numerous honorable mentions! 


Congratulations to this year’s Q1 Roger Murdock award winners:
Caroline, Rachel, Nicole, Kendall, John L., Carole, Claire, Brooke, Dana and Fatimah! 


Our co-pilots continue to soar…


Caroline Statile, Account Manager, PR

Even while under pressure or managing strict deadlines, Caroline adds valuable insight and always remains accountable across each and every project. Less than a year at Scratch, her ability to successfully balance numerous tasks while communicating clearly  already makes her an expert – and it’s a pleasure to work with her every day and learn something new that betters the quality of our client work. Caroline is a true PR rockstar!


Rachel Tierney, Account Manager, Marketing 

As an Account Manager on our marketing team, Rachel has taken the lead across many accounts. She always produces exceptional work, no matter how strenuous the deliverable may be. Rachel continues to step up to the plate and face every challenge head on. Her quality of work inspires us all to go above and beyond, no matter what obstacles come our way!


Nicole Panas, Sr. Director, Marketing & Demand Gen

Nicole is not intimidated by any challenge, from executing deliverables expeditiously to reaching seemingly intangible goals. She streamlines tasks successfully while always empowering her team to do their best, making any goal achievable. Nicole has an infectious can-do attitude, emphasizing her passion for the work she does. Nicole continues to inspire and show us that we can do anything!  


Kendall Hatch, Associate Director, Content

As Associate Director, Kendall is an integral part of the content team. He encompasses what it means to be a team player. Kendall leads and motivates the content team and clients alike. He is always finding new and creative ways to have content-specific work make an impact in a client’s field of expertise, no matter how challenging the deliverable might be. We are lucky to have Kendall as a co-pilot!


John Laudani, Account Coordinator, PR

John has truly soared above expectations with his unstoppable work ethic. He started at Scratch as an intern, and now he’s an account coordinator. He has grown tremendously. John is constantly providing proactive angles and is always eager to jump into a challenge. We can’t wait to see what heights John will reach! 


Contractor award
Carole Hutchinson 

Carole is a contractor at Scratch, mostly supporting the PR team with successful media outreach. She has played a huge role in securing top-tier news, and we are lucky to have her. She always provides us with valuable tips, helping us reevaluate what it means to be a PR superstar. She’s always around to action media outreach in a timely manner, no matter how busy her schedule is. A special thank you to Carole for all her hard work!


Honorable Mentions
Claire Cashdan, Account Executive, PR
Brooke Hanson, Junior Graphic Designer, Design
Dana Zemack, VP, PR
Fatimah Noulati, Senior Account Manager, PR


Claire, Brooke, Dana, and Fatimah are true go-getters! They are always on top of opportunities and constantly supporting Scratch’s wide array of clients. They continue  to provide strong leadership amongst their teams. Claire, Brooke, Dana, and Fatimah motivate us to do our best work while leading by example! It’s impressive how well-versed they are across different clients’ technological specialties. 


Congratulations to our Q1 winners and thank you for the dedication and support!

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