Meet the Team: Kara Mongell, Graphic Designer

For our “Meet the Team” blog series, we interview Scratch Marketing + Media employees to show how our dynamic our office is to demonstrate the unique culture here at Scratch.

Today, part of design team, Kara Mongell, opens up about how she got hooked on graphic design and why Scratch is the best place to work.

Kara is a graphic designer with Scratch Marketing + Media. She graduated from Lesley University in the College of Art and Design in 2015. Over the past two years with Scratch, Kara has worked for clients like Chaos Sumo, VMware and TÜV Rheinland.

How did you choose design as a profession?

Design chose me! When I was growing up I was a very naturally creative and curious kid. I’d do lots of painting, drawing and creative writing in my free time. I went to art college for animation and marketing management. Initially, I was hired as a production assistant freelancer for a documentary film studio creating graphics and animation, alongside production tasks. Later, I worked as a design intern at a tech company before ending up as a graphic designer here at Scratch.

What’s your favorite part about Scratch?

I enjoy the variety of clients we get to produce work for. We get exciting opportunities to get first-look at brand new technologies or services. Our clients’ offerings include complex solutions, so I appreciate the challenge to visualize their products or services that the public can better access them.

What is your favorite design technique?

In the past, I’ve leaned toward Swiss aesthetics with bold colors and typography. However, these days I am leaning towards gradients and isometric illustrations which is completely different from Swiss style. Today, gradients and isometric shapes are more on trend because as solutions and services become more complex, the style is flexible so we can add depth and meaning. Simple and clear design is still important to me, but I think the shift in design styles speaks for my current evolution as a designer.

What is your go-to lunch?

I order out a lot, guilty as charged. As for my normal lunch order, sushi is my go-to. My favorites include Philadelphia rolls and sweet potato rolls. It is probably the one thing I can eat so much of and never get bored with it! I visit my neighborhood sushi restaurant so much that they know my name and order when I call in. Lucky for me, there are days when we order lunch together at Scratch, including sushi!

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