Meet the Team: Nick Sneath, Senior Account Manager

In our “Meet the Team” blog series, we interview members of the Scratch team to show how, together, we make up the dynamic and unique culture of Scratch.

Today we talk to Nick Sneath, a Senior Account Manager on the PR team, about his career, his life and why he loves Scratch.

How did you get to Scratch? What led you to a career in communications?

I started at Scratch as an Account Manager after spending a couple years at a more traditional PR agency following my graduation from college. The opportunity to join a small, creative agency that uses a wide range of tactics to solve business challenges, rather than just offering services, really appealed to me. I was also drawn to the degree of independence I’d have.

I kind of stumbled into communications. I was a political science major in college and had taken a semester off to work as a digital marketing and communications intern on a US Senate campaign based on my interest in politics. I knew that I loved the tactical elements of that work, but wasn’t dying to go back into the world of politics, so I joined a PR firm focused on the private sector and went from there.

When you’re not working at Scratch, what are you doing?

Spending time with my girlfriend and dog, sailing in Maine and relaxing on the beach in Long Island, cooking, reading, traveling when possible, discovering new music, checking email, thinking about watching new shows but rewatching The Office instead.

What’s your favorite part about Scratch?

It’s cliche to say the people, but it’s the people. We have a really awesome, dedicated group of people here that consistently go above and beyond delivering great outcomes for our clients and make sure that this is an awesome place to work for everyone.

Can you describe yourself in three words?

Your favorite coworker.

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