Last Week in Account-Based Marketing: Know Your Audience

A Roundup of News, Tools, Events and Thought Leadership from the World of Account-Based Funnel Management

By John Saxe, Scratch Marketing + Media 

You want to stay abreast of the latest developments in account-based, but you don’t have time to read everything. That’s where we come in. Each week Scratch Marketing recaps the most recent doings in the account-based world and ties them up with a bow for you to peruse. Enjoy the week’s news!


ABM News, Reports, Stats and Stories

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Stats & Quotes That Show the Benefits

March, 2017

Fes Askari, Strategic-IC

This is a fantastic blog post by Fes Askari, the head of inbound sales for Strategic-IC, that aggregates a ton of high-quality statistics showing the clear benefits brought by ABM. Read through to see why it’s time to make a move.


Influencer / ABM Leader Commentary


6 Ways Infusing Customers Into Our Account-Based Marketing Campaigns Drove $300K in Sales

March 9, 2017

Truman Tang, Customer Think

In this article, Truman Tang, the senior marketing manager for Influitive, explores how companies need to look beyond traditional tactics when looking to engage their ideal prospects through ABM. According to Tang, despite a rapid increase in companies investing in ABM tech, many are still using retargeting and email nurturing when they need to be building authentic relationships. Throughout the article, he makes the case (with visual examples) for the importance of customer advocacy and peer recommendation.


Account Based Marketing – Everything You Need to Know (And What You Don’t)

March 9, 2017

Justin McGill, Business2Community

This article provides a thorough rundown of the ABM basics. For our purposes, we really like how McGill combined the concepts of ABM with the traditional marketing/sales funnel to create a new approach. As we discussed last week and in recent blog posts, we feel strongly in the concept of “account-based funnel management.”


The Next Debate: The Convergence of Mar Tech and Sales Tech

March 9, 2017

Brian Andersen, Ad Exchanger

In this article we get a slightly different look at ABM as Brian Andersen, a partner at LUMA Partners approaches it from the perspective of an advertiser and investment banker. In the article, he explores the core concept that ABM is predicated around finding the common goal between sales and marketing.


Video for Account-Based Marketing

March 8, 2017

Bruce McKenzie, Business2Community

The name really says it all. In this article, Bruce McKenzie, the founder of Business Information Graphics, discusses how video can be a key tool in fueling the personalization that ABM needs to succeed.


To Make Account-Based Marketing Work, We Need Artificial Intelligence

March 7, 2017

Falon Fatemi, Forbes

In this article, serial ABM influencer, Falon Fatemi explains how artificial intelligence is the final piece of the puzzle that marketers and salespeople need to finally achieve one-to-one sales and marketing. Rather than throwing money at more marketing tools, lead lists and data sources, Fatemi believes that AI will be the key to finding the right targets and using the right tactics to get their attention. Enter, ABI: account-based intelligence.


Tools and Tips: The Martech Angle on ABM


Terminus Releases Account-Based Marketing Orchestration Platform for B2B Marketers

March 7, 2017

Shabana Arora, MarTech Advisor

Terminus, an account-based marketing platform, announced the launch of new orchestration and measurement tools for B2B marketers. The new features are said to empower B2B marketing and sales teams with better ways to target, execute, measure and optimize ABM campaigns at scale.


Latest from the Scratch Blog: Our own Stories


Account-Based Marketing Changes the Meaning of “Customer Connection”

March 9, 2017

Rob Skinner, Scratch Marketing + Media 

We explore how to make genuine customer interactions within an ABM framework. The key is in “situation analysis.” Well-timed observations can be the difference between real engagement and a mere open-and-close interaction.


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