Kick-Starting Your Account-Based Funnel Management

Scratch explores the latest in ABM with the American Marketing Association

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Lora Kratchounova, principal of Scratch, recently held a seminar on the latest in ABM for the members of the American Marketing Association (AMA) Boston.

Download her presentation from this leading-edge AMA Boston event to learn why Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and Account-Based Sales Development (ABSD) are not only one and the same but also the only way to scale your B2B marketing efforts.  You will understand the key pillars of ABM and see a real-world example of increasing the value of a qualified pipeline by 200% and average deal size by 177%!

The session focused on the importance of greater alignment of marketing and sales, one of the key tenets of ABM.  If you need to scale your B2B Marketing and Sales efforts, this deck is for you.

Download the presentation to learn:

  • How do you plan for ABM/ABSD?
  • Who should you select and prioritize for your target accounts?
  • How do you create personalized, relevant content for each account?
  • What is the optimal mix of channels and account touchpoints?
  • How do you customize your CRM (, etc) to align sales and marketing?
  • How do you measure ABM/ABSD performance, customer acquisition cost (CAC) and lifetime value (LTV)?

Download the presentation to take off with your account-based funnel management!

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