Design Team in the Spotlight

This quarter, we want to recognize some of the amazing work that our Design team has brought to life! The creativity and talent that our designer co-pilots bring to the table is unmatched across our client industries — in cybersecurity, data center colocation, telecommunications, and more.

Feast your eyes on the incredible branding design, report layout, and animation that our co-pilots have put together:

For the launch of Coro’s new report, The Biggest Cyber Security Threats Coming in 2022, the Design team took on the challenge of making every page exciting, while also adhering to Coro’s simple and minimalist branding. Our co-pilots created two iterations to create an informative, helpful, and eye-appealing nineteen-page report: Our co-pilot Abner Cavalcanti told our team: “Put the report on your reading list!”

For Comcast Business, our creative co-pilot Brooke Hanson created gifs for LinkedIn to drive their new Retail Tech Whitepaper during The National Retail Federation’s 2022 event. 

“The first gif provokes the audience to raise the bar with new advancements in retail tech. In conjunction, the rising bars symbolize store shelves,” Brooke shared.

“The second gift drives the idea of retail through the storefront awning, which also draws the eye to put emphasis on the statistic below it,” she continued.

Now let’s talk about the elephant in the room… Another design project that our talented co-pilot Lindsay Kerr worked on for Big Animal, which showcases more stellar animation work. Notice the attention to detail — see if you can spot the elephant tattoo on the worker’s arm! 

“Breaking the O that’s around the elephant shows that they’re breaking through the Oracle and going to the cloud,” shares Lindsay. 

We are proud of our visionary Design team and all the hard work they dedicate to our clients projects and we look forward to seeing what else is in store for our co-pilots this year!

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