Climate Tech: The Non-Negotiable Tech Trend

Helping Climate Tech and Clean Tech Companies Raise Awareness and Get Adoption

Scratch M+M seeks to be an agile growth and impact partner and adviser for climate tech innovators. We all know we are running out of time. Let’s accelerate awareness, adoption and sales together!

We bring over ~15 years of experience in serving B2B technology companies with cutting edge PR + Content + Marketing + Design + Web services to help them get adopted and grow faster. Our teams are dedicated to the mission and bring a personal commitment and a sense of urgency to our work.

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Our Climate Tech Agency Expertise

When it comes to PR and marketing agencies for climate technologies, we bring an unparalleled mix of strategic understanding and advisory coupled with our agency services.

We have worked with a number of climate tech companies in diverse areas – from decarbonizing cement to building energy efficiency, from circular economy offerings to liquid cooling technologies for the data center.

PR and Marketing to Drive Clean Tech and Climate Adoption

You won’t find a better partner that understands the complexities and multitude of factors that affect clean tech and climate tech adoption. We are communication and marketing experts with an acute business sense of how to help climate tech companies succeed.

Our Services for Climate Tech and Clean Tech Companies

  • Messaging Support: You may need help with fine-tuning your value proposition. Or telling your story better. Or maybe just designing your pitch or sales decks.
  • Raising Awareness with PR: Perhaps you’re looking to initiate PR or social media programs to raise awareness for your progress.
  • Web Design for Climate Tech: You may be convinced that your website doesn’t do you justice.
  • Digital Marketing and Demand Generation: If you’re struggling with how to identify and reach the right targets, increase pipelines we can help you address those unique challenges.
  • Sales Collateral and Sales Enablement: Let us help you increase sales interactions and conversions and accelerate sales.
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Climate Tech and Clean Tech Agency Areas of Focus:

  • energy transition
  • industrial decarbonization
  • energy efficiency
  • sustainability and circular economy
  • software, data and analytics for carbon tracking
  • environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives
  • alternative materials

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