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Roger Murdock Awards: Exceptional Co-Pilots of Q4

Scratch highlights individual team members for quarterly performance awards. 2020 was a year full of constant pivots and challenges that required adaptability and an open mind to approach. At Scratch, we couldn’t be more grateful to have members on our team who never cower in the face of challenges, but instead rise up. Looking back […]

Accelerating Meaningful Change: Scratch’s Resolutions for 2021

Ah, it’s (somehow) that time of year again! For many people, January is a time to reflect on old habits and look forward. After the crazy year that was 2020, making resolutions for the next 365 days may give us a way to re-engage with the things that bring us meaning in a weird, confusing […]

Flying Above and Beyond, Despite the Turbulence

Scratch’s Biggest Milestones in 2020 As this whirlwind of a year comes to an end, the Scratch team can’t help but feel an immense sense of pride about all we’ve accomplished this year—alongside our clients and internally through our firm’s own transformation.  This year has not only challenged us, but also allowed us to reflect […]

Roger Murdock Awards: Exceptional Co-Pilots of Q3

Scratch highlights individual team members for quarterly performance awards. As Q3 comes to an end, it’s that time again to announce our Roger Murdock award winners for the quarter! Before announcing the Q3 winners, here’s a brief recap of what Scratch’s Roger Murdock Awards mean: Named after the greatest co-pilot of all time from the […]

Roger Murdock Awards: Exceptional Co-Pilots of Q2

Scratch highlights individual team members for quarterly performance awards. In our recent blog post, we explained what it means to be an exceptional co-pilot and proudly named our Roger Murdock Award winners for Q1. Now, as Q2 has ended, it is time for those winners to pass on the baton. Before announcing the Q2 winners, […]

What It Means to Be an Exceptional Co-Pilot: Q1 Roger Murdock Awards

Scratch highlights individual team members for quarterly performance awards. At Scratch, part of our mission is to help clients soar. In order to first take flight, however, we need a trusted team of pilots. That’s why we refer to every Scratcher as a co-pilot. We couldn’t achieve our mission to fly without them!  Scratch is […]

Education and Access Create Opportunity: How Scratch Is Supporting the Call for Change in the Black Lives Matter Movement

  Scratch Marketing + Media stands with the Black community against police violence and all other forms of structural racism in our society. We believe in the inherent equalness of every human and have been, like most everyone, thinking through meaningful ways to take a stand and create long-term change. Education and access create opportunity, […]

How to Create A Holiday Meal from Scratch: 2019 Holiday Card

At Scratch M+M we believe in great people, great work and … of course – great food! Whether you’re just into holiday gatherings for the cheese plate or are in search of your next great creative cocktail – there’s something in here for everyone. We hope you enjoy our little foodie offering and HIGHLY recommend […]

Happy Holidays from us at Scratch!

There are plenty of good reasons to be cheerful this holiday season and hope for a better and brighter 2018. Our research shows that there are at least 20 positive facts that are worth celebrating.

Client Coverage Spotlight: Kitewheel Survey

  Data, data, data! Every journalist wants data that reveals a truth about some aspect of the world. Nothing new there, however, creating data that stands out amongst a seemingly endless tide of numbers is an art form. One we at Scratch do pretty well in my humble opinion. Case in point, our client Kitewheel […]