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PR Team in the Spotlight: Outstanding Coverage Secured by Our Co-Pilots

Thanks to the hard work and persistence of our PR team this quarter, we wanted to celebrate our success by highlighting some recent media coverage secured by our co-pilots. Spanning from our clients in healthcare tech, to hybrid cloud and quantum computing, our team delivered across multiple industries.  Scratch recognizes our incredible co-pilots and client […]

Client Coverage Spotlight: Kitewheel Survey

  Data, data, data! Every journalist wants data that reveals a truth about some aspect of the world. Nothing new there, however, creating data that stands out amongst a seemingly endless tide of numbers is an art form. One we at Scratch do pretty well in my humble opinion. Case in point, our client Kitewheel […]

Client Coverage Spotlight: Frustum Inc.

Do you ever get to work on Monday and can’t get your mind of cool tech toys like quadcopters? That’s ok if you work with us – in fact, we WANT you to! Our Denver-based client Frustum, Inc., just wrapped up a quadcopter design and print competition with GrabCAD and the challenge was focused on […]

Client Coverage Spotlight: Masabi

Smart cities: The future of urban living, where governments and companies work together to implement technology and policies that make the lives of city dwellers and visitors easier. A place where your smartphone is your wallet, autonomous cars roam the streets and smart-sensor streetlights work in harmony to illuminate your walk home. This vision may […]

Client Coverage Spotlight: TUV Rheinland on ABC

What brings together cell phone radiation, connected cars, and isolation chambers? TUV Rheinland! One of our newer clients, TUV Rheinland is aiming to take the US by storm. If you aren’t familiar with this innovative company, they are a global leader in independent testing, inspection and certification services. They have a hand in some of […]