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You can work anywhere, so why consider Scratch?

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You can work anywhere, so why consider Scratch?


We're leaders, not followers - a team of co-pilots. We work as one internally and with our clients.


We're insatiably curious - non-stop learners. We always strive to do more than the tried + true.


We take the time to recognize and celebrate the new, creative and novel ways individual team members solve for challenges and opportunities. Because the small stuff matters.


We deliver and innovate with pride and enthusiasm. Because why not?


We're B2B tech evangelists. Our clients are on the cutting edge of most everything. And we help them make their brands shine.

What inspires us?

Seeing the possibilities and chasing after them relentlessly

Flex those writing skills.

Content Visionaries, if these two quotes define you, then you have come to the right place:

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Flex those writing skills

PR Masters (or Masters-to-be), if your passion is PR because you want to change the world for the better (through tech that is), you should call Scratch it

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Drive exceptional outcomes.

Marketing and Demand Gen Pros, we don’t always agree with Gary V., but when the man’s right, the man’s right. Marketing for us is the art of accelerating the possible, driving recognition and adoption of the game-changers. If you are ready to spread your wings and fly, you need to apply to one of our opps below

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Your creative brain will thank you.

Your creative brain will thank you”): Looking to create those coveted “aha” moments that you always want your audience to experience? Join us in giving them an identity to be proud of.

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“What if I fall? Oh, but my
darling, what if you fly?”

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