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Roger Murdock Awards: Exceptional Co-Pilots of Q4

Scratch highlights individual team members for quarterly performance awards. 2020 was a year full of constant pivots and challenges that required adaptability and an open mind to approach. At Scratch, we couldn’t be more grateful to have members on our team who never cower in the face of challenges, but instead rise up. Looking back […]

Imagination Takes Flight During International Creativity Month

Creativity is an outlet for so many of us, and there’s no shortage of it within the Scratch team. In the last year, we’ve found ourselves turning to our various outside-of-work passions more than ever (can you guess why?). January is International Creativity Month, so we’ve decided to share our own interests with each other […]

National Hobby Month: What Our Co-Pilots Are Passionate About (Besides B2B Tech)

At Scratch we’re all about a proper work-life balance to stay sane! In honor of National Hobby Month this January, our co-pilots shared a few of their favorite hobbies – ones they’ve picked up during the pandemic to stay busy, and others they’ve known and loved.

Accelerating Meaningful Change: Scratch’s Resolutions for 2021

Ah, it’s (somehow) that time of year again! For many people, January is a time to reflect on old habits and look forward. After the crazy year that was 2020, making resolutions for the next 365 days may give us a way to re-engage with the things that bring us meaning in a weird, confusing […]

Flying Above and Beyond, Despite the Turbulence

Scratch’s Biggest Milestones in 2020 As this whirlwind of a year comes to an end, the Scratch team can’t help but feel an immense sense of pride about all we’ve accomplished this year—alongside our clients and internally through our firm’s own transformation.  This year has not only challenged us, but also allowed us to reflect […]

Scratch Aviation Academy Highlights: TYE Student Entrepreneurship Academy

It’s no secret that education has been one of the hardest hit systems since the start of the pandemic. With schools increasingly turning to a “hybrid mode” or shifting to an entirely online format, parents continue to be concerned about their students’ access to an impactful education.  An estimated 55.1 million American students have been […]

Meet the Team Series: Kara Mongell, Senior Graphic Designer

At Scratch, we recently revived our Meet the Team blog series to showcase our dynamic culture and highlight the incredible things our team members do, both inside and outside the office. We sat down with Kara Mongell, Senior Graphic Designer and one of Scratch’s most tenured employees, to learn more about the path that led […]

Roger Murdock Awards: Exceptional Co-Pilots of Q3

Scratch highlights individual team members for quarterly performance awards. As Q3 comes to an end, it’s that time again to announce our Roger Murdock award winners for the quarter! Before announcing the Q3 winners, here’s a brief recap of what Scratch’s Roger Murdock Awards mean: Named after the greatest co-pilot of all time from the […]

International Podcast Day: Top 10 Podcast Picks

Podcasts are a great go-to for staying entertained on a long drive, playing in the background while doing household chores, or staying up-to-date with the latest news. In honor of International Podcast Day on September 30th, we’ve asked our co-pilots to share their favorites. See our top 10 picks below:   Conan O’Brien Needs a […]

The Message Is the Message. Or Is it? 16 Common Grammar and Punctuation Errors

As some of you may know I’m a little crazy about punctuation and grammar. Before becoming a marketer, I was a book editor for close to a decade. It’s a thing with me. I get that most people did not enjoy diagramming sentences as much as I did and don’t get a real sense of […]