Accelerating Meaningful Change: Scratch’s Resolutions for 2021

Ah, it’s (somehow) that time of year again! For many people, January is a time to reflect on old habits and look forward. After the crazy year that was 2020, making resolutions for the next 365 days may give us a way to re-engage with the things that bring us meaning in a weird, confusing time. It’s a chance to make time for yourself again and decide what is or isn’t currently working for you.

Research shows that setting specific, difficult goals consistently leads to higher performance – so, in the spirit of optimistic January goal-setting, we decided to set a few of our own!


Here are some of our co-pilots’ goals for the New Year:


My resolution is to do less ‘doomscrolling’ and to find more time for creative pursuits outside of work.”

–Robert Kerstens, Senior Content Writer


“In 2021: Take better care of my body with healthier food and exercise, read at least 3 books, take more time for myself, and work on my proficiency in financial knowledge.”

–Kara Mongell, Senior Graphic Designer


“Reach out to friends more often – something I got really bad about doing especially when it felt like there was nothing to talk about/catch up on during the pandemic. But it’s important! 

Read 50+ books in 2021 – because I’m an insane person and read 50 total in 2020 so I want to up that a little bit.”

–Shannon Mullins, Account Manager


“I’d like to ride 1,000 miles on my motorcycle this year by taking long trips on my bike instead of using a car.”

–Charlie Wong, Account Director 


“In 2020 I was supposed to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) which is 110 miles. I was unable to go, so I walked 110 miles locally in the White Mountain National Forest (WMNF) in New Hampshire. This year my goal is 220 miles so I can prepare for a future visit to the TMB.”

–Christina Guilbert, Senior PR Manager


“Create and connect more with nature.”

–Sara DeMoranville, Account Executive 


My New Year’s resolution is to get rid of the things I don’t need. I feel like I’ve sort of collected a lot of different things because my life was very much in a transition period of living at home with my parents and going to school and living there vs. now where I’m out of school and have lived on my own for a couple of years. It’s just time to get rid of the clothes I never wear and the dorm room decorations that I thought were cool but end up just taking up space now!”

–Lindsay Kerr, Graphic Designer 


“After all the change we saw in 2020 globally and that I also saw on a personal level, I truly hope to find a balanced consistency in my life and put a more routine focus on my wellbeing in order to benefit all other sectors of my life (work, social, etc.). I have made it a goal to take a bit of time each day to do something for myself and put myself first (thinking of trying out potential meditation practices!). Also, I’ve run half marathons for a while now and always hoped I would make it to a full marathon by 2022 – so here’s to the start of my training!”

–Fatimah Nouilati, Account Manager


“I’ve been pursuing fluency in Spanish for a long time now and I’d love to get there in 2021. I also am making it a goal to learn new recipes, explore new places in the city I live in, and write more!”

–Ciara Campbell, Marketing Intern 


“I noticed that I started relying on alcohol as a way to decompress way more than before COVID, because a lot of the other things that I love are currently unavailable (dinner parties, going to the movies, doing yoga or bootcamp and sharing energy with others, etc.), and I didn’t like how I felt. So now I’m trying to find new ways of taking the edge off.”

–Anya Nelson, VP Public Relations


“My resolution is to make time to get outside every day.”

–Rachel Tierney, Senior Marketing Associate 


“My resolution is to spend more time doing hobbies like playing the piano – I’ve made it my goal to learn ‘Oh Darling’ by the Beatles.”

–Pat Deren, Account Manager


“I hope to take every lesson that I learned during the changes and challenges of 2020 into the new year. Particularly to ‘roll with the punches’, ‘ride the wave’, ‘practice patience’ and ‘enjoy the simple things.’ They might be cheesy, but they’re good ones to live by :)”

–Emilie Jurion, Public Relations Intern


“My resolution is to avoid making resolutions and to be more mindful, present and kind, empathetic and forgiving to myself and others as often as I can.”

–Lora Kratchounova, Principal



We love to see the ambitious and inspiring resolutions of our team members. And since we at Scratch aim to always think ahead and take stock of the amazing opportunities and clients we work with, we have collectively decided on an agency-wide resolution to strive for in 2021:

We will focus our efforts on continuing to partner with and support B2B technology game-changers:

The inventors…

The innovators…

The scientists…

The tech geniuses…

The big thinkers…

And the think-outside-of-the-boxers… 

…who are bettering those around them. We’ll strive to work with organizations and leaders who fight for the ethical, transparent use of technology and data, and we’ll make it our goal to elevate the messages of these companies that are doing exactly what our mission statement stands for: accelerating meaningful change.

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