5 Creative Ways Intent Data Can Drive B2B Growth in 2021

Tried-and-true ways to up your marketing, sales and PR game in 2021

Marketing and sales leaders like us were put to the test last year to adapt to the realities of business in a pandemic. As we look ahead, one key question is on everyone’s mind: how can we focus resources to drive growth in 2021?

We have the answers for you: Intent data may not be the holy grail, but it can certainly add some serious boost to marketing, sales and PR. 

Watch Lora Kratchounova, Principal of Scratch, Chris Taylor from Cybereason and Ed Marsh from IntentData.io and learn about some tried-and-true — and unexpectedly clever — ways you can up your marketing, sales and PR game with help from intent data insights. 

We share lessons from the trenches:

  • Best practices for using first, second and third party data to segment, prioritize and target specific accounts and the buying committees within them
  • Ways to get comprehensive intelligence on potential churn to prioritize your retention efforts
  • Clever ways to tailor your outreach to your prospects’ seniority, function, stage in the buying journey, and knowledge of the competitive landscape
  • Ideas on to analyze what topics and themes personas at different seniority levels are engaging from quarter to quarter
  • New methods to flex intent data to predict what key reporters will write about and create proactive and contextual media and influencer campaigns

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5 Creative Ways Intent Data Can Drive
B2B Growth in 2021